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MLP - Golden Oaks Library Interior (3D Model) by Imp0s5ible MLP - Golden Oaks Library Interior (3D Model) :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 53 13 Wall of Ice Cubes by Imp0s5ible Wall of Ice Cubes :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 2 0 MLP - Golden Oaks Library (3D Model) by Imp0s5ible MLP - Golden Oaks Library (3D Model) :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 46 7 Watch_Dogs: Aiden Pearce Figurine Study by Imp0s5ible Watch_Dogs: Aiden Pearce Figurine Study :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 0 0
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I walked through the door and entered an old, dusty library. It had a peculiar shape, that of an inverse cone. Looking up, it gave me the impression that I was trapped in a pit. In a fleeting thought, I wondered how one would climb out. The shelves were old and worn, almost as if they grew into their shape organically. Dust in the air, illuminated by the blinding sunlight coming from the windows above, twirls at my every movement, signifying that this place has been abandoned for ages. Perhaps it was never visited, or never meant to be visited. Scrolls and tomes were scattered all around the floor, and some lay open on a large wooden table in the middle, the surface of which resembled the trunk of a rather large tree. And yet it was man-made. Or at least made by intelligence, I excluded no thought since I began exploring this place.
Curious, I glanced through one of the books that lay across the wooden surface. It was written in that peculiar tongue. I could not understand it, of cours
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Octospider by Imp0s5ible Octospider :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 6 2 Steampunk Boots by Imp0s5ible Steampunk Boots :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 43 13 Bugatti Type-55 Coupe 1935 by Imp0s5ible Bugatti Type-55 Coupe 1935 :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 3 1 Cornerbox Room by Imp0s5ible Cornerbox Room :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 2 1 Inkwell by Imp0s5ible Inkwell :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 1 0 Ant Island by Imp0s5ible Ant Island :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 2 1 Gilt Wine Glass by Imp0s5ible Gilt Wine Glass :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 2 5 Coffee Mug by Imp0s5ible Coffee Mug :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 4 2 Golden Key by Imp0s5ible Golden Key :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 6 1 Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse (Textured) by Imp0s5ible Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse (Textured) :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 68 7 Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse (Not Textured) by Imp0s5ible Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse (Not Textured) :iconimp0s5ible:Imp0s5ible 39 13



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I now have a Tumblr Blog, where among my work posted here, I'll also post works-in-progress and other things not posted on DeviantArt! If you're at all interested in my art, you'll find it worth it to follow me there:

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